Depth in Everyday Life
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It has become clear to me, after many years of practicing psychotherapy; reading in neurobiology, psychology, philosophy, and anthropology; and raising children and playing with grandchildren, that each person can only find a deep life satisfaction by taking the time to understand what is most deeply meaningful to him or her and making his or her life a harmonious expression of that meaning.  Many of the problems of living and the psychological distress that people experience arise from our alienation from our own deepest selves. My practice currently focuses on working together with people to understand how they want their lives to be constructed, what obstacles prevent them from pursuing or achieving those ideals, and what needs to happen so that they can see their own lives as well lived. 

Nora L. Ishibashi, Ph.D.

    405 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 1303

                         Chicago, IL 60611

                             (312) 222-2226


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